Real Estate Personal Assistant Agreement



Real Estate Personal Assistant Agreement

Real Estate Personal Assistant Agreement using independent contractor status. Also includes one with employment status. Includes a schedule form for tracking payment and bonuses. Payments in the agreement can be changed to suit your own payment plan. Duties performed for home buyers and sellers. Responsible to learn general real estate information. You can also change the payment tracking form to match your agreement changes. Comes with an instructional video on how to use the payment form. Example Advertisements for newspaper and a personal assistant application

  • Job Description: Four
    and one half page structured agreement spells out what the assistant’s
    duties are
  • You can customize the agreement to suit your wishes
  • You get two agreements: One that  uses independent contractor status for
    assistant so you do not have to pay payroll taxes and unemployment
    insurance and one uses employment status.
  • Can easily be changed to employment status by
    eliminating a few sentences
  • Covers open houses, listings, buyers, payment schedule,
    bonuses and much more
  • Instructional video for Payment schedule
  • Personal assistant newspaper or internet ads
  • Personal assistant application
  • Easy to use

Please Note Personal Assistant Agreement comes in Microsoft Word and schedule form for tracking payment and bonuses is in Microsoft Excel. You can a free program called Open Office if you don’t have Excel


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