Content Cruiser Plugin



The Content Cruiser package provides an easy way to instantly add an ADDITIONAL source of income to your Internet Marketing┬áblog, that you’re NOT already using right now, with VERY little work on your part…

Use the provided plugin to pull in posts from our ‘money feeds’, and edit them any way you wish. Include your links instead of ours, and earn every time someone makes a purchase!

The Content Cruiser RSS Plugin – Use this plugin to pull in any RSS feed to your blog, along with Categories and Tags!┬áSet pulled posts to auto publish, or save as a draft for manual review. You have complete control.

This plugin is released under the GPL license. This means that you have FULL sourcecode rights, you can use it on UNLIMITED sites, use it on CLIENT sites, SELL it, GIVE it away for free, or ANYTHING else you want!

We found the original plugin abandoned in the WordPress plugin directory. It was not updated for the most recent version of WordPress, it didn’t have Categories, and it didn’t have Tags. We’ve updated it, added these features, and it works like a charm!


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